Withdrawal Process at CricketBook: Instructions and Payment Methods

The bookmaker enables the clients to withdraw their winnings using the popular payment methods in India to make it easier to perform transactions. At the same time, you can withdraw the money by converting it to the desired cryptocurrencies. However, we have several KYC conditions for the payouts to adhere to the local laws.

Check out the CricketBook casino withdrawals review to know all the essential details about the process to avoid problems.

Explore the withdrawal options at CricketBook.

3 steps

When you have accumulated winnings in the sportsbook or the casino, the CricketBook will provide you with access to the withdrawal system to receive the funds. The platform security will encrypt the payment information to ensure your personal details remain hidden. The cashout process involves a few mandatory steps.

Step 1

Go to the Withdrawal Section

Log in to your CricketBook account to open the cashier. Your profile options also contain the transaction history to check the previous withdrawal statuses.

Log in to your CricketBook account and open the withdrawal section.

Step 2

Select Payment System

Choose one of the available banking systems to obtain the desired transfer speed and currency. It is crucial to note that the crypto methods may require paying mining fees and incur conversion costs.

CricketBook offers a choice of payment system.

Step 3

Fill in the Fields and Complete the Operation

Provide valid payment details. You must check the inputted data at least twice to avoid sending the money to the wrong destination.

Specify valid information and complete the withdrawal to CricketBook.
CricketBook has several reliable withdrawal methods.

The bookmaker offers several reliable withdrawal methods for Indian clients to get a profit without delays or technical issues. Besides, the payment options have set financial limits to eliminate the processing fees and maximize the transaction amount. The following table displays the available withdrawal amounts of various methods on the our CricketBook platform.

Withdrawal Method Minimum Amount Maximum Amount
Bank Transfer 1,000 Rs 500,000 Rs
AstroPay 1,000 Rs 100,000 Rs
Cryptocurrencies 2,000 Rs 10,000 Rs
Select the appropriate Cricketbook transaction speed options.

The clients of the bookie can select the comfortable method to withdraw money considering the expected waiting period to receive the funds. Cricketbook provides various transaction speed options for the customers to adjust to their preferences. You can refer to the below table to select a suitable time frame.

Withdrawal Speed Conditions
Normal You need to wait up to 24 hours, no fees
Fast A 0,5% fee to process the transaction in under 6 hours
Very Fast The payout will appear within 3 hours, incurring a 1% processing fee
Express The bettor can pay 2% of the withdrawal to get the money within 1 hour
CricketBook players should investigate the withdrawal terms and conditions.

Every Indian customer must comply with several mandatory conditions to perform withdrawals, according to the KYC policy and other bookmaker regulations. The following list contains essential regulations for payouts on the CricketBook website or in the app:

  • The selected currency during registration will become the primary for your withdrawals and other payments;
  • You need to wager each deposit at least 3 times to avoid paying a 3% for the payout processing;
  • Any mistakenly credited amounts to your accounts will be withdrawn by the company;
  • The bookie can request a customer to undergo account verification to send the personal details;
  • The payment destinations must be the same that you used to deposit funds to your balance;
  • If your account is inaccessible to create a payout request, you can contact the customer support department to resolve the issue;
  • CricketBook reserves the right to ask a client to submit a bank statement to confirm the ownership over the payment destination, etc.
If you have a problem with your withdrawal at CricketBook, please contact our support team.

Every payout undergoes strict regulation by the bookmaker to comply with anti-money laundering laws in India and prevent underage gambling. However, the customer care department always helps clients eliminate withdrawal limits by confirming the account holder’s identity or providing financial documents.

The system cannot allow the bettors to create more than one active withdrawal request. Thus, it is always necessary to cancel the previous request if you want to change the amount or payment destination details. Nonetheless, we can refuse to make a new payout if the money is already coming to your electronic wallet or bank account.

The inappropriate payment information may lead to the money being transferred to the wrong destination. In such cases, the bookie doesn’t have a responsibility to return the money back to your account if the funds have arrived in the provided account successfully. In addition, you must only use your e-wallets and bank accounts to receive funds to prevent suspicions of fraud.

If a withdrawal cannot arrive at the payment destination within 24 hours for any reason, support staff may contact you to alert you of an extended waiting period. Nevertheless, the financial team of CricketBook constantly monitors the status of financial transactions to eliminate errors in the payment gateway and transfer money quickly.

It is also crucial to note that the bookmaker has the right to cancel the withdrawal and decrease your balance if the sportsbook shows an incorrect result or odds for the match with your bet. However, this rule applies if you have benefited from the technical error.

The following answers to the popular questions about the CricketBook withdrawals can provide you with crucial information about the payouts.

Are Transactions on the CricketBook Platform Secure?

Yes, the transactions on the CricketBook platform are secure because the system encrypts customers’ payment information.

Is it Possible to Withdraw Funds in Cryptocurrency?

Yes, it is possible to withdraw between 2,000 INR and 10,000 INR in cryptocurrency.

What Is the Maximum and Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 INR. On the other hand, the maximum withdrawal limit is 500,000 INR with a bank transfer.

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw Funds?

It takes between 1 hour to 24 hours to withdraw funds, depending on the preferred speed and commission.

How to Interrupt Withdrawal of Funds?

You can interrupt the withdrawal process in the account cashier on our website and in the mobile application.