Self-Exclusion Policy at CricketBook

In case you feel threatened by a gambling addiction or are already experiencing such a problem, we strongly recommend you use the Self-exclusion option. This tool gives you the opportunity to exclude yourself from gambling activity on Cricketbook for a period of your choice, ranging from six months to an unlimited period. If your decision to stop playing is due to other reasons, we suggest you consider alternative options, such as temporarily suspending your account or closing it completely.

Just in case you feel that you can't control your spending - you can easily delete your account from the Cricketbook platform.

If you choose to self-exclude, you will temporarily lose the ability to bet and play, but you will still have access to your account for withdrawal. You will not be able to resume gambling activity or create a new account, and the Cricketbook team will take steps to prevent such actions.

We recommend that you take additional steps to reduce the temptation to return to the game: exclude yourself from Cricketbook newsletters, delete apps, and unsubscribe from social networks. Consider using blocking software to restrict access to gambling sites, and remember that it is also important to seek help from a gambling addiction specialist. You can activate self-restriction in your user settings by selecting the appropriate feature to manage your gambling activity. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is always at your service.

If you choose to use the self-exclusion feature on Cricketbook, we strongly advise you to also exclude yourself from all other gambling platforms on which you have accounts. To initiate self-exclusion, you may contact other gambling operators directly or apply self-exclusion to all licensed operators by completing the Self-Exclusion Notice Form. Once completed, the self-exclusion notification form should be sent to the designated site, sports betting book, or betting exchange operator.